Many of you know I drive buses in Cornwall. The company I work for has been long established in the area. At the moment we are under pressure from a rival company known as Go Cornwall (although they are run from over the border in Devon at the moment as Plymouth Citybus). This poem is just a tongue-in-cheek comment on ‘furriners’ coming down from Devon to show us how to run buses…and nothing more.



If you’ve missed it on your media feed,
You may be wondering what the fuss is;
But a crowd’s coming down from ‘up country’
To take on the cream of Cornish buses.

They’re promising new bells and whistles so
You may think that it’s manna from heaven
But we brought you new buses and ticket machines
And best of all we don’t come from Devon.

They’re being a bit disingenuous,
Saying they are bringing the prices down
As that’s a government initiative
Which has to happen in each Cornish town.

Plymouth Citybus – now Transport for Cornwall
Trying to make out that they’re the bee’s knees
When every man jack of us knows they
Can’t get it right when it comes to cream teas.

So, think on because it’s important,
As a Devon bus pulls up at your stop.
Do you really want your transport run
By a company who puts jam on top?


© gray lightfoot