I don’t remember the first time we kissed.

Properly…or even thoroughly…(I know you are smiling now).

It was likely on that first date in mid-December.

Both in trenchcoats…yours light and rainproof,

Mine dark brown, heavy and corduroy.

We were two spies making a rendezvous,

Meeting outside a toyshop…it could have been Vienna

But it wasn’t.

A soft, damp night, the northern lights reflected

In the place we first met and in the puddles around us;

But most of all in our bright sparkling eyes.


I will always remember the first time I saw you naked.

You were nervous and bathed in the subdued east-facing light

From the curtained front room window in a small terraced house.

I just wanted to look at you…to capture that vignette forever.

What followed was my desire to always hold you;

To wrap my arms around your body and protect it for all time.

I have been happy in my quest and the desire still holds.


The kiss I remember is the pre-coital kiss;

The turning together of our recumbent heads,

The eyes embrace and then draw down the blind

On the kiss that promises… has promised…

Has delivered down through the years.

An aromatic and unique kiss. Our kiss.

As sweet as serendipity on an unsullied tongue;

A taste like no other…more-ish…

Blended from the alchemy of our love.

A flavour of the lovemaking that is to come.


Our eyes may have much less sparkle

But the kiss…the kiss is still the same.

Above all…the kiss endures.


© gray lightfoot