It had been a beautifully sunny winter’s day and I’d been telling my wife how wild and huge the waves had been at Sennen Cove that afternoon and when she found out I was on exactly the same trip next day, she said, “I might come out for a trip with you tomorrow.” These things are often spoken and forgotten about as life usually intervenes, but there she was at the stop…



Driving my bus down Alexandra Road
My heart missed a beat when I saw you there.
Stood at the stop, just like you said you would;
Half-remembered talk from a comfy chair.

I’m so glad you came; it brightened my day.
You, to see Sennen in all its glory;
Me, showing off as I drive my big bus;
Both playing parts in our own love story.

The Cove wasn’t all that, due to the tide;
I was distracted by badly parked vans.
As we climbed up the hill, I reflected
How life dismantles the best of made plans.

But at Lands End you ascended as if…
From Heaven, cradling a small flask of tea;
Which, being tea in a flask, tasted yuk,
But you (and digestives) made it for me.

Love isn’t about great big Valentines,
It’s not about chocolates and flowers.
It’s missing each other when you’re apart
And passing time while you count down the hours.

It’s being together, loving, laughing
Even learning a Cornish paradigm;
Making the most of life with your partner.
For that is what love is all of the time.

© gray lightfoot