The West Cornish Bus Driver’s Prayer was my own conceit, my attempt to make a poem out of places I have driven buses. For the Penzance Gathering of The Cornwall Bus Preservation Society for 2020 (now cancelled due to the corvid 19 virus), I had widened the scope of the prayer to cover places further afield in Cornwall.



Our Father who art in Helston,
Gunwalloe be thy name.
Thy Camborne come, Newmill be done
In St Erth as it is in St Levan.
Give us St Day our daily Breage
And forgive us our Malpasses
As we forgive them who Malpas against us
And lead us not into Trengwainton
But deliver us from Eden
For thine is the Kingsley Village
The Par and the Cury
For Devoran ever
Lands End.

© gray lightfoot