Stressed at work? You need to chill out, man
When your calm meter’s down to zero;
But not many know that Chill Out Man
Is an actual super hero.

I’ve met him on many occasions
When I’m out and about in my bus;
His arrival tends to reduce the
Likelihood of me needing to cuss.

When my B.P. starts to rise at the
Slow progress of someone or other;
Chill Out Man pops by to remind me
“That old lady could be your mother.”

When I’m tired from answering questions
About the town, the route or the fare.
Is it a bird or is it a plane?
You know who seems to know when and where.

When abused by other road users
Chill Out Man comes up with the answers…
“Remember to smile.” His first advice
“Keeping cool…the king of defences.”

When I’m stuck in gridlocked town traffic;
Chill Out Man says, “No point getting stressed.
Just use the time to work on this rhyme
And then lo and behold you’ve progressed.”

What does Chill Out Man look like?
Well I know he’s got nothing to hide;
He looks something like a bus driver
But with underpants on the outside.

©gray lightfoot