My entry for The Writers’ Café poetry competition with the theme of SPACE was joint runner up (thanks to all those who voted for it) and was a different kind of poem to what I normally do.

My space is the ‘white stuff’ that surrounds the words we writers produce.




As writers we see space as the enemy.

Stonewalled by the blank page…we circle the writer’s block

Like a sculptor, chipping at the constant marble.

The pen, as chisel, cuts shadows into the white

In the hope that the dark becomes enlightenment.

But emboldened by the living space they spy

The words keep coming, pulsing down.

Their shadows, eager to colonise, darken the page

And make ready for the arrival of that sullen craft

Emblazoned with the acronym TMTR.

Hold that thought for a beat…press pause

All we can do is take them out, one by one.

Words without space like worlds without space

Must drop despondent like windfall fruit until

Compressed on the cold stone floor of the universe

For all the worlds a frozen block of raspberries…dark and bloodied

So we edit, refine, make space invade our words;

Pour cream onto those ripe red raspberries

And allow them to be savoured.

Space is your friend. Embrace the space.


© gray lightfoot